Customised Solutions

Capture eggs

Asset Tracking

Cost-effective solution to legacy asset tracking
Affordable hardware & network/communications protocols
Low-power devices last up to 5 years on batteries
Wireless devices allow for simple/inexpensive installation
Monitor/track vehicles & shipments


Smart Cities

Increase efficiencies – e.g. garbage pickup only when bins are full
Increase customer/citizen satisfaction
Decrease traffic/congestion through efficiency increases
Monitor and track city assets & equipment
Monitor infrastructure
Monitor transit route efficiencies
Monitor air quality & pollution levels
Monitor water quality variables
Monitor parks soil moisture for greenery maintenance
Monitor temperature city temperature, humidity & UV index

Rental Services

Monitor waste fill levels
Track the number of uses before a required cleaning
Location monitoring – prevent theft/loss
Monitor usage frequency & duration
Monitor state of tissue, sanitizer & paper towel
Monitor the upright status of asset – has it been tipped over?
Reduce equipment theft & loss Increase efficiencies
Ensure maintenance schedules are met based on equipment usage monitoring


Agricultural Services

Real-time monitoring of greenhouse environment
Monitor light/UV levels
Monitor soil moisture levels – water only when needed
Monitor indoor/outdoor temperature & humidity
Efficiency-cost savings
Utilities cost savings
Portable – move devices to new locations
Affordable retrofitting of existing operations
Control systems based on sensory data (fans, sprinklers, etc.)
Control irrigation, pumps etc. based on variable monitoring
Conserve & manage critical resources
Efficiency-cost savings
Crop Materials cost savings
Control irrigation, pumps etc. based on variable monitoring
Livestock Conserve & manage critical resources
Livestock Efficiency-cost savings
Livestock Materials cost savings