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Paycentric is proud to partner with ITSSA and XIOT offering you world-class telematic and asset tracking services
fully integrated into your HR timesheets and analytic reports.


True Fleet Management

With our channel partner team, we will supply an innovative range of GPS tracking and telematics devices together with a user-friendly web-based software platform for the fleet, logistics, and communications industries.

Automotive Telematics

Engineered to the highest specifications, our extensive range of devices incorporate the best quality components from the world’s leading manufacturers with cutting-edge design enhancements to maximize reliability and data integrity. The entire range is seamlessly integrated with our device management platform and customer-facing web-based tracking platform which is fully mobile responsive.

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Driver Behaviour

MDAS is developed to automate, adapt and enhance vehicle management for safety and to better driving behaviour patterns. Safety features are designed to avoid collisions and accidents by offering vision aided technologies that alert the driver to potential problems, or to avoid collisions on the road.

Features include:

FCW (Forward Collision), 

LDW (Lane Departure), 

PCW (Pedestrian
 provide alerts to the driver as to other cars or dangers and helps keep the driver in the correct lane.

DVR (Digital Video) helps to see the actual incidents in 720PHD viewing.

Asset Tracking

Top-quality GPS/IoT devices will track your non-powered assets which extended battery life without sacrificing the frequency of updates and accuracy performance.