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Every month, fortnight, and week in every company, an immense amount of stress can be found, where after an immense amount of time to get data loaded into the archaic system from manual timesheets, the eventual output is still not accurate.  One can only wonder why every company has not implemented an automated clocking system.

The System will Save you Money –
We all understand that there is a cost of the hardware required for the installation. But consider this: If your company has pay queries for ‘short pay’ you will have pay queries of ‘overpay’ that are not being reported. If you take this loss into account, the required hardware to ensure the accuracy of the input of the data into the payroll is essential. Regarding the supply of hardware, we have a variety of packages available including hardware rental packages which will suit all companies. Most hardware brands on the market are reasonably priced and durable ensuring that you get a good life out of your purchase. The best technology to follow here would be a proven biometric brand with a good algorithm. Biometrics will deter buddy clock-ins and do away with manual timesheets which can be filled in in advance. Lunchtime, overtime allocations are calculated weekly according to the schedule configuration. The dashboard will even show you late arrivals and who is currently on site visible on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

The System will Save you Time –
Half the pay run week time could be spent managing queries, instead of processing the future period. This means your payroll department will need to have at least a 25% extra staff component to manage these extra tasks. Imagine a processed payroll remains in that state without any further amendments. Our system is an online real-time system where clock-ins are displayed within seconds of the transactions. This means that the management of staff compliments is easy through the interactive dashboard. Managers don’t need to phone remote site to check who is on-site

The System requires No Installation –
Our system runs entirely in the cloud which eliminates any software installations on your devices or downloads. You can log into your account from any device and access your data, run reports, add a new employee or deactivate an employee. All updates, backups, and maintenance is managed in the background by our support team. This means you could have your account up and running in five to ten minutes. Our system will also integrate with most biometric hardware units that have an onboard cloud server. If you would like to use your existing hardware, feel free to contact us to check if it is compatible.

The System will Grow with your Company –
By using our system for all fieldworkers, workers can log in at their appointments on their phone which will record their GPS coordinates with their time transaction. The mobile app can also be used to apply for leave as well as check for allocated work schedules. Our latest addition will now allow you to enrol and clock your staff onto a mobile system using a compatible Android tablet.

We offer an extremely versatile system that will suit any company whether there are 10 employees or 10,000 employees at one site or 100 sites in one country or spread across the globe. It will suit any industry including logistics, security, outsourcing, transport, call centres, factory workers, sales resp, office workers, or flexi-time workers.

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